The most frequent questions we used to get beofre this page was up...

This status is by invitation only and is reserved mostly to loyal clients with substantial repeat orders.
NO. These are domains that where once registered but today are orphans. Why? For many reasons, like migration to a new name, business acquisition, giving up, ... you name it.

So why should you pay for them? Because we know how to discover them and you don't. It's more complicated than that, but you get the point.

So after purchasing, you MUST register them yourself. If you don't have a registar of choice, go here and in a couple of minutes it's done.
The only must is the domain registration fee, which can vary usually between $1.99 and $12 per year depending on the TLD (.com, .net,...) and the registrar.

After that, it depends on what you want to do (read next question). If you need hosting, you can get a starter package for less than $4 a month here for example.
Immediately, it's automated. As soon as you pay on PayPal, you are redirected back to our processing page where your domains will be displayed. At the same time, you will also get a confirmation email with the same information.

If for whatever reason you don't get redirected, look for something like "go back to the merchant's website". If still nothing, please send an email at support@db2link.com with you PayPal Transaction ID (usually in the top right of the PayPal email, eg 9P3656771X318183H) and we'll send you the info in no time.
The immediate thing you need to do is to register the name before somebody else does. We don't resell, but since these names are out there, somebody else might find them anytime. If you don't have a registar of choice, go here and in a couple of minutes it's done.

After resgitering the domain, it depends on your objective. These are the most common options, in order of simplicity:
  1. 301 Redirect: you can transfer a good part of the domain's juice to your money site without any hassle. Just find the redirection/forwarding setting in your registrar's control panel, insert your money site's URL and voila!
  2. Private Blog Network: if you are serious about your business, chances are you own a PBN. These domains are great for PBN sitesas they have immediate boosting power for all your money sites
  3. Money Site: if you bought a domain with a decent TF, you should think of using it as a proper money site as they usually rank very quickly

If you have no idea about the stuff above, we suggest you read a guide like this. Before getting carried away and buying courses and WP plugins, make sure you understand what you are doing...
You can't know until you buy a domain. We use PayPal as it gives you the power to complain and get your money back very easily if you got screwed.

If you still are afraid, we suggest you buy a cheap one and see for yourself. If unsatisfied, you send us an email as described in the next question.
Those are the Majestic SEO metrics to establish a domain's quality. They are by far the best indicator and the correlation with Google rankings is very strong.

The metrics refer to the highest-scoring variation of the domain name (domain.com, http://domain.com, www.domain.com or http://www.domain.com) as Majestic keeps a different score for each.

You can learn all about them on Majestic's blog.
That's the primary topic of the last website associated with that domain name, as detected by Majestic SEO. This means that it might have nothing to do with the domain name itself, but it is usually in the right broad sector.

Since in the analysis process also existing backlinks are taken into consideration, sometimes the results are a bit surprising. Still, even if the topic is off, the TF and CF metrics are what really matters in terms of domain ranking power.
No, and it couldn't work here because registered domains are refunded (see below). There several sites doing exactly that little scams though. Be warned.
Since these domains are in no-man's land, we can't be 100% sure nobody will pick them up between our checks and your purchase. And we try to keep the metrics up-to-date, but it's thousand of domains and there might be some lag.

Therefore, we are happy to refund you in these two cases:
  1. The domain happens to be already registered
  2. The Majestic metrics are substantially different from the ones shown (read below)
To claim a refund, please send an email within 7 days to support@db2link.com with the following:
  1. Your PayPal Transaction ID (usually in the top right of the PayPal email, eg 9P3656771X318183H)
  2. If you claim a domain is not available, a WHOIS link showing that registration date is before your purchase date
  3. If you claim the Majestic figures are wrong, a screenshot of the Majestic metrics you see on your account including all four domain name variations (read Q7).
Without these supporting docs, we can't provide a refund. Refunds are a pain in the ass and we want them solved quickly. If you are right, we pay you back immediately. And PayPal is constantly watching all vendors, so there isn't room for us to play stupid games.
No biggie. Send an email at support@db2link.com with you PayPal Transaction ID (usually in the top right of the PayPal email, eg 9P3656771X318183H) and we'll send you the info as soon as we can get it.
From time to time, it happens that somebody tries to outsmart the system to get a better deal. Our delivery mechanism is sophisticated enough to detect any tricks and reject mismathced transactions. IF it's an honest mistake, just try again and it will work!

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