High Quality Expired Domains

Forget registrar auctions full of overspammed crap.
Get real-world domains with great backlinks used by the pros.

We Have What SEO Agencies Want - Do You Want a Piece?

We have a deal with a small group of highly trained SEOs and coders working for one of the largest SEO agencies in the world. Like any other SEO agency worth the title, they use black-hat strategies when they need to rank anything on the first page, regardless of what they publicly say. When dealing with the worldwide top 10 companies of any industry segment, failing to rank what they want is not an option.

One of the most efficient black-hat technique consists in finding expired domains with serious links and recycling them in a variety of ways (some of which we can't disclose). So over the years, to be able to get enough of those, these guys developed a squad of very sophisticated bots costing millions of dollars, crawling the web 24/7 in search for high value expired domains to be redeployed.

And we have access to the results... all of them.

On the days when the bots come back with a larger than usual bounty, our guys can "take their cut" from the treasure chest for use in their own Private Blog Networks (PBNs), but they reached a level that we have simply too much...

So we decided to team up and make this private domain pool available to serious black hatters, simply because it would be a big waste not doing it. Domains that aren't quickly sold here get automatically recycled into our own PBNs, as everything you see here has been pre-screened for spam and quality. For each domain you can see Majestic's Trust Flow and Citation Flow as they are by far the best quality indicators. All the rest is basically worthless.

How to Get Our High Quality Domains

Below you'll find a random selection of our domain pool, divided by quality groups. Feel free to refresh the batches as many time as you like... we always have thousands of domains to choose from.

Simply pick the ones you like, add them to your basket, and check out via PayPal. After payment, you'll get the full domain name ready to be registered with your favorite registrar (we are happy to help if you need).

Please read the FAQ for the details.

TF30+ Domains

These are rare gems that can skyrocket any site. If you see one, grab it as they usually go in minutes.

Domain Name TF CF Links Topic Price

TF20+ Domains

Use these for fast ranking money sites in high competition niches.

Domain Name TF CF Links Topic Price

TF10+ Domains

Use these as fast ranking money sites in medium competition niches or for serious PBNs.

Domain Name TF CF Links Topic Price

TF5+ Domains

Use these as good, topic-relevant aged domains for the get a head start with a new money sites or as PBN sites.

Domain Name TF CF Links Topic Price

Your Domains

Domain Name TF CF Links Topic Price

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